Chapter I General and Definitions

Article 1 Purpose

These Rules are hereby formulated to maintain and optimize the trading order on, to better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users on, and also to facilitate users understanding and use of the Secure Payment service.

 Article 2 Scope of Application
These Rules, as part of the International Platform Rules, govern online transactions conducted by users on ( using the Secure Payment service; matters not covered in these Rules are governed by International Platform Rules. Transactions conducted by users on Afiaanyi Marketplace ( and other relevant websites of using the Secure Payment service are not subject to these Rules.

Article 3 Definitions

3.1 Buyer

Buyer refers to a user of that enters into an Online Order to purchase products on

3.2 Seller

Seller refers to a user of that enters into an Online Order to sell products on

3.3 Online Order

Online Order refers to the purchase and sale contract entered into by the Buyer and the Seller through the online trading system of

3.4 Payment Instructions

The Buyer may make payment for an order through its own bank account or engage others to make such payment. Where the Buyer engages another to make payment, he/she must properly keep the receipt for such payment.

3.5 Collection Instructions

When using the Secure Payment service, the Seller must collect payment for an Online Order through Payment Release from an Account refers to the remittance by of the payment for an Online Order in whole or in part in accordance with these Rules, which was paid into the collection account of Secure Payment designated by, into the account designated by the Seller, hereinafter also referred to as “Payment Release”. After Payment Release, if the Seller intends to withdraw cash, he/she must provide with a legal and valid account in writing for receiving the cash payment.

3.6 Settlement Currency

An Online Order must be settled in Naria for Local Vendors and US dollars for international vendors. Commission Fees referred to herein will be calculated, paid and collected in Naria or US dollars as the case maybe.

3.7 Technical Service Fee

The Technical Service Fees for Secure Payment are borne by the Seller (automatically calculated and included into the payment for an Online Order). reserves the right to adjust the Commission Fee and its collection method.

3.8 Bank Charges

Bank Charges refer to the fees charged by a bank or third party financial institution during the payment and collection of transactions, which will be borne by the payee. Both the Buyer and Seller should bear the risk of fluctuations in exchange rate as the case maybe.

3.9 Trade Terms

Unless otherwise agreed by the Buyer and the Seller, the Trade Terms agreed between both parties will be subject to Incoterms 2010.

Chapter II Operational Process

Article 4 Timeout

The online trading system of sets certain operation time limits on Online Orders for both the Buyer and the Seller, both parties should respond in a timely manner.

 Article 5 Logistics

The Buyer and the Seller are to use the logistics option on the

 Article 6 Payment Release from Secure Payment Account

Once an Online Order is fulfilled after the Buyer confirms receipt of the product online or after the product is duly delivered by the logistics service provider, will conduct the Payment Release from the Secure Payment account.

Chapter IV Miscellaneous

Article 7 Relevant Rules

7.1         When using the Secure Payment service, the user must also comply with relevant agreements it enters into with and/or its affiliates, such as the Payment Gateway Services Agreement.

7.2 provides users with various interfaces for the Secure Payment service. When using the Secure Payment service, users must also comply with relevant rules applicable to the actual transaction circumstances , such as Wholesale Online Market Rules , etc.

Article 8 Amendment and Acceptance

81 will, based on the actual implementation of the Secure Payment service, improve and amend these Rules from time to time and publish the same on The amended Rules will become effective on the date of publication or the specified date.

8.2         Any users that do not agree with these Rules or the updated version of the Rules should immediately terminate their use of the Secure Payment service. By entering into and performing an Online Order or using the Secure Payment service, users will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to these Rules.