We are Afiaanyi Services Limited

Afiaanyi.com is an e-commerce platform, setup for local companies, manufacturers, SMEs, entrepreneurs and nonperishable commodity farmers to have an easy way of doing business from anywhere to everywhere.

We are the biggest e-marketplace gateway in Nigeria, designed to connect our local businesses and brands to the world by providing e-tools for sellers and suppliers to gain global audience, Delivering peace of mind to business owners looking for marketing & visibility support. Reliable, Affordable, Professional.

We are the Africa largest marketplace for global trade and the leading provider of online marketing services for importers and exporters. It is the place for buyers and suppliers to find trade opportunities and promote their businesses online. Normally, buyers and sellers will buy and sell in large quantity. Afiaanyi.com is neither a trading company nor a buyer. Have fun with fafafaslots. We are an online business platform, where you can search or post information to find potential business partners.

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What do we do?

Our Mission, Values and Motto


As part of AFIAANYI SERVICES LIMITED our mission is to make your ideas a reality by having means for easy to do business anywhere to everywhere.

Launched in September 2018, Afiaanyi.com is committed to making meaningful impact through continuous innovation to meet the dynamic needs of Enterprises and empower them by creating a system that delivers better value through easily accessible information and connections with the right service businesses.

As a platform, we will continue to innovate and develop activities to help businesses especially Small businesses to do more and discover new opportunities. Whether it’s sourcing from your mobile phone or any type of electronic devices or contacting suppliers in their locals, turn to Afiaanyi.com for all your business needs.


Afiaanyi.com is owned by Anambra State Chamber of Commerce, Mines, Industries and Agriculture, and topnotch brands in Nigeria.

Our Team

Our management team consists of dedicated employees and technical advisors.  Their backgrounds consist of more than 5-to-20 years of experience in e-commerce, marketing and the Internet technology.  In addition to their professional experience, the management team has over 10 years of college domain experience.


Afiaanyi.com will offer the top brands and the small business merchants a unique blend of e-tools, services, and content that is not offered by any single company on the Internet in Nigeria. We will aggregate participants(Traffic), products, services and content to create a one-stop-sourcing e-marketplace wholesale and retail platform, including E-business directory targeting 7.8 million Small businesses, Local manufacturers, Nonperishable Agricultural produce(Farmers) and Service industries.

As part of the 21st century business world and globalization. Our mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere in the world and connect our local businesses to global patronage. We do this by providing the necessary tools for the sellers or suppliers to gain global audience cheaply, faster and safer. We also help buyers find their products.

Afiaanyi.com offers a business-to-business, business-to-customer and customer-to-business online solution.

Service Offerings

Afiaanyi.com’s services streamline the entire selling process for top brands and retailers. We allow retailers to outsource a large part of their business from the top brands, thereby allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies and not get distracted with activities that add little value. Afiaanyi.com will reduce capital expenditures of a company that uses their services, increase customer service of the top brands and retailer, increase sales opportunities, increase revenues, and improve inventory management. Customers will benefit by having a convenient, easy way of shipment and and return policy.